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About Us


ADANS- We Drive Innovation in Aquaculture Nutrition

Founded in February 2022, AD Aquaculture Nutrition Services Inc. (ADANS) is a visionary enterprise dedicated to enhancing the aquaculture feed sector. We work hard to empower businesses and organizations with next generation nutritional products and solutions for the global aquafeed industry.

Meet Our Founder: Dr. André Dumas

At the helm of ADANS is Dr. André Dumas, a distinguished figure in the field of aquaculture nutrition. Dr. Dumas, a PhD graduate from the University of Guelph, has been a pivotal force in the industry since 2008. He is well known for his affable nature, approachability, integrity, and exceptional communication skills, which enable him to make aquaculture concepts accessible to broad audiences.

His professional journey includes notable roles as a Research Scientist in the USA and Director of Aquaculture in Canada. His superlative expertise spans ingredient development, feed formulation, shadow pricing, mathematical modelling, and statistical analysis. Dr. Dumas's unique blend of scientific knowledge and business acumen forms the foundation for ADANS’s innovative approaches.


ADANS Stands Apart in the Aquaculture Nutrition Sector

What makes ADANS unique? It’s our blend of scientific rigor and practical application.

Our strengths include :

✔ Expertise in shadow pricing, which allows us to estimate the market value of novel feed products across various geographies.

✔ A knack for gathering, analyzing, and presenting information in a way that resonates with a diverse audience, from private corporations to governmental agencies.

✔ A commitment to conducting high-quality research trials with both scientific depth and business savvy.

With these unique selling propositions, ADANS is a leader and pioneer in the aquaculture nutrition landscape, uniquely equipped to navigate the complexities of the aquafeed industry.

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