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Traditional Spices in Market

ADANS – Forging the Future of Aquaculture Nutrition

At AD Aquaculture Nutrition Services (ADANS), we are committed to guiding businesses and organizations towards innovative and effective solutions in the aquaculture feed market. Our range of specialized services caters to the ever-changing needs of this dynamic industry.

Our Services

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Shadow Pricing : 

Valuing Innovation

Our shadow pricing service is pivotal for estimating the proxy market value of novel feed products. This strategic approach enables our clients to understand the potential economic impact of their innovations across different geographical markets.

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Regulatory Support:

Ensuring Compliance

Navigating the complex terrain of regulatory requirements is a challenge for many. ADANS and its partners offer invaluable support in registering feed ingredients with regulatory agencies to help guarantee compliance and market readiness.

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Research and Development :

Pioneering Change

ADANS excels in designing and managing research trials for novel ingredients and aquatic species. Our rigorous methodology ensures the generation of reliable data, paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in the sector.

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Scientific Writing and


We write scientific reports, journal articles, and marketing materials. We also deliver engaging scientific presentations at webinars and conferences to share our insights and findings with a wider audience.


Product Analysis and


We assist in the detailed analysis and characterization of feed ingredients, so that you can have confidence in their quality and suitability for specific nutritional needs. This service is crucial for maintaining high quality and safety standards in feed production.

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Mathematical Modelling and

Statistical Analysis

We develop user-friendly and meaningful mathematical models to describe animal performance and nutrient utilization. Our models assist in estimating feed requirements and planning production strategies. Additionally, our advanced statistical analysis and data analytics services provide a deeper understanding of data trends and patterns. Our models can be customized to address your needs and integrated in precision farming digital systems.


Training in Aquaculture Nutrition

ADANS offers customized training programs in aquaculture nutrition. These programs are designed to enhance knowledge and skills, fostering growth and development in the sector.

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