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Feed ingredients for aquaculture:
from development to 

Plant proteins, Processed Animal Proteins, Bacteria, Microalgae, Yeast, Insects and Invertebrates


  • Ingredient assessment, development and commercialization

  • Nutrition research trials (design, implementation, reporting)

  • Data analytics and Statistical analysis

  • Scientific and trade communications

  • Regulatory

Successful development and deployment / commercialization of feed ingredients for the aquaculture nutrition market requires strategy, deep business acumen, scientific expertise, determination and perseverance.  Robust and relevant scientific data obtained from fish or shrimp trials and reputable analytical laboratories are essential.  Building trusting relationships with regulatory agencies and future clients are deemed crucial.  AD Aquaculture Nutrition Services Inc. possesses the expertise to serve and assist you, wherever you are in your journey from ideation to commercialization.  Contact us today at

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André Dumas

Nutritionist in aquaculture

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Phone: +1 -902-327-0134 


After teaching aquaculture at a college in Québec for 10 years, Dr. André Dumas, his wife and their three children moved to Ontario to complete a PhD in fish nutrition at the University of Guelph.  The family continued its journey that brought them this time in the USA where Dr. Dumas served as Research scientist in aquaculture nutrition for a global corporation.  His role consisted in implementing nutrition research plans, creating cost-effective solutions for deployment in different regions and evaluate promising raw materials.  In 2010, Dr. Dumas and his family returned to Canada to lead aquaculture teams in contract research organizations that tested novel feed ingredients.  His area of expertise relates to feed ingredient development, testing and commercialization in different geographies, feed formulation, shadow pricing, mathematical modelling and nutrigenomics.  His work experience in aquaculture nutrition encompasses warm and cold-water species farmed in fresh or saltwater.  He has deep aquaculture nutrition business acumen, disciplined managerial and leadership abilities, and well-established network of trusting relationships with industry and academia.  Dr. Dumas has been publishing in international peer-reviewed journals since 1998.  He enjoys serving as chair, co-chair as well as panelist in national and international conferences and webinars.  Dr. Dumas’ core values are integrity, respect, teamwork, efficiency and accountability. 

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You made a complex topic very understandable, which is not an easy task.


Dr. Dumas provided expert guidance in designing and conducting digestibility and growth trials in salmon for our novel canola protein concentrate. Our trials were successfully completed, and he provided valuable interpretation of the nutrition and growth data and their relevance to commercial applications.

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Many thanks for your significant and valuable contribution to our webinar.  Presentation was clear, easy to follow and within the timeslot reserved  to you.


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André Dumas

Prince Edward Island, Canada

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